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Gitzo GK2580QR Series 2 Carbon 6X 4S Center Ball QR Kit with GH2780QR Quick Release Center Ball Head and GT2541 Tripod (Black)

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  • Ball head gives smooth movement.
  • Carbon fiber construction gives great lightness and rigidity.
  • Anti Rotation legs make set up quick and easy.
  • Built in quick release system.

This kit consist of a GH2780QR Series 2 Quick Release Center Ball Head and GT2541 Series 2 Carbon 6X Tripod. The ball head is designed to be an extremely balanced product, that not only guarantee a high max load, but that also maximize smoothness, minimized drift angle, lightweight, low gravity center, greater tilt angles, compactness, ergonomics and safety. The tripod features 6X carbon fiber tube, made of a unique structure of 6 crossed layers that maximizes rigidity, vibration absorption and lightweight performance. 6X tube has a high density structure made of top quality ultra-thin carbon fibers (7?m or 0.007 mm). Built-in Anti Leg Rotation allows quick and easy set up. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: closed length: 26.18 in; load capacity: 26.46 lbs; maximum height (with center column down): 64.57 in; weight: 4.10 lbs.

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Written by bradshawlinda1

May 23, 2013 at 2:53 pm

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